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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is one of the most followed and downloaded post-production photo editing, processing and image organizing application. Unlike other Adobe programs like Adobe Bridge, it is not a file managing app but requires the files to be imported into it and recognizes only specific photo formats. It was created only for Windows OS which makes editing and viewing of images possible. Although the name of the app shares with Adobe Photoshop but is actually short of many features such as adding text, 3D items, modifying single image piece or video frames, to name few.

History of Adobe Lightroom:

First version of the app was launched in early 2007

Second version was opened for public in 2008 having these features:
Restricted corrections of image
Better printing options and organizing tools
64 bit and Multi screen support
Added DNG Camera Profiling that enables the user to add and save custom profiles

3.0 Beta edition was made public in 2009 having several new features integrated into it:
New chrome noise reduction
Improved sharpening tool
New import pseudo module
Publish services
Custom package for print

Second beta version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom was released in early 2010 with following attributes:

New luminance noise reduction
Secure shooting options for various Nikon as well as Canon cameras
Enhanced video support with point curve
Better lens correction measures
Perspective control
Various other performance optimizations

Fourth Version was launched in 2012 with more new advantages like:

Emphasizing and shadow improvement to enhance dark shadow details
Numerous photo book templates
Searching photos by location
White balance brush for enhancing several photo areas
Data grabbing from GPS facilitated cameras
More options for editing controls
Enhanced video support to edit and later video clips
Video sharing options on social media sites
Image previews
Emailing option from the app itself

Version 5.0 was officially launched in 2013 for only OSX 10.7 or more, Windows 7 and 8 with extra added features such as:

Highlighting and brushing option to remove any extra spot in the image
Previews and several custom layouts options
PNG files and video support in slideshows
Automatic outlook correction
Improved smart collections
Syncing collection to iPad Lightroom App

Latest Version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is 6.0, which was formally made public in April 2015 and can be operated on Windows 7, 8, OS X 10.8 or more, only supporting 64 bit OS. Its latest features take account of:

Merging of HDR and Panorama
GPU enhancement
Facial identification
Superior video slideshows

Several more features of Adobe Lightroom comprise of:

Library- it allows to import/ export and creating photos to be saved in the massive Library
Developing features: The app is created to let user retouch and enhance the overall quality of their images and video to present them in front of the world in a flamboyant way and earn accolades. Users can improve tonal quality, remove red eye.
Map- makes it easy for clubbing photos based on their location.
Printing- it comprises of adjustable layout