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Adobe Creative Cloud- its features and expert solutions
There are a very few software or applications out there which can be used for creative satisfaction as Adobe’s Creative Cloud. The app is a great way to unleash and show your creative side to the world. With some of the most exciting features attached to it, the desktop app has been made in such a way that it can be launched quickly and can be updated on a regular basis. It is software as a service from Adobe Systems that offers entry to its customers to a set of Adobe applications related to graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, and cloud services.

It can be subscribed in various languages on a monthly or annual basis and can be downloaded from the internet directly to your PC along with the regular updates. Its usage is valid until the subscription lasts. Creative Cloud is hosted on Amazon Web Services. The highly creative software as service lets the users share and manage their files, use stock photo and video library, hundreds of fonts, and also and showcase their artistic productions with the world. The desktop application can be your real window of the creative side inside you that gives wings to your creativity.

Adobe Creative Cloud features:-

Adobe Creative Cloud Market is a free to access and vast compilation of premium content made by creative users for the rest of the large community. The same can be accessed on your PC as well as on mobile through its connected apps. The one in a million app lets its subscribers choose up to 500 creative assets from a vast variety of graphics, icons, etc. each month to help them take an extra step on their creative ladder. The app was also meant to curb the illegal sharing of its supremely famous Photoshop software, which it could to a certain extent. The tech company has also claimed on several occasions that its Creative Cloud is among those products highly appreciated by the creative customers.

History and future versions of Creative Cloud

Ever since its first version in 2011, the Creative Cloud has been making the creative lives of its users much better and easier. With its decision of not making any more versions for its another creative app called Creative Suite, Adobe tried to launch its newer versions on the Creative Cloud platform, being released since mid 2013. Adobe Creative Cloud has been able to hang on to several features of its Creative Suite app along with providing more new elements, not limited to, frequent upgrades, easier sharing. Adobe also stated that to bring more than dozen new versions of its Adobe CC desktop and mobile app tools to be used for creativity by education industry and individuals.

The other related app, Creative Cloud for Teams, too has every Creative Cloud feature along with several premium ones such as license manager, 100 GB space, advanced Adobe Creative Cloud Support, et al. Before installing any CC app tool, its PC app gets downloaded automatically. The app can be called as one that doesn’t impede anyone’s creative focus.

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